You may have noticed a few cats about the place. That’s because the four founders of HOO are united by a love of cats – although one of them ate two of our CCO’s laptops

This is HOO we are.

Are you tired of the same boring ideas coming from the same select few people in the creative industry? People who seem to have appointed themselves arbiters of what’s ‘good’, what’s ‘right’, and more often what’s ‘wrong’.

We’ve never quite fit in with that mindset. Our background is in editorial – where what matters is the story you’re trying to tell, the clarity in which you tell it, and the creative ways you get people to pay attention.

Rather than do the same old stuff like the same old people, we thought we’d go another way. That’s why we’re here. And hopefully, that’s why you’re here too.

The Oddities

Sachini Imbuldeniya
Darren Smith
Chief Creative Officer
Juan Leon
Executive Producer
Megan Revell
Shooting Producer/Director
Juliette Otterburn-Hall
Non-Executive Director

Non-toxic content.

We’ve been working in the creative industry a long time – over 100 years between us – and, when you’ve been around that long you start to notice some of the problems. And lets be clear – our creative industry has problems.

For some it’s a lack of diversity (it’s one of the worst industries in the world for women, people of colour, people with disabilities and people from working class backgrounds), or the toxicity of the workplace – where egos clash constantly and junior creatives are too often ignored.

That’s why we created HOO – a place that’s genuinely friendly, collaborative, positive, and diverse. We find it works better. And we hope you will too. Because the only way we can make this industry better... is by being better.

not mean

'We’re members of AdGreen and also a Responsible 100 Company. That means we follow the most sustainable practices when creating our work – from using local crews to reduce our carbon footprint to using electric cars to shepherd talent to and from our shoots.

Because being creative isn’t about solving problems in front of the camera – it’s solving all the ones behind it too.'

We travel only when necessary, and by the most sustainable means
Paperless office (except for our loo roll which is recycled of course)
Energy efficient equipment, lighting and renewable energy

Diversity & inclusion done properly

You know how some agencies talk a good game about diversity, and then it turns out to be not quite all that? Well, we’re diverse (we can see you already thinking ‘you would say that, huh’). But, y’know, we actually mean it. That’s why we have committed to creating the most diverse production crews anywhere in the world, both in front of and behind the camera. Because that diversity means a fresh perspective. Which makes the work we do better. And we all want better, right? Right? Turns out for some people, they like the status quo just fine. Yawn. Whatever.

When we realised not enough people think like us, we figured we must be the weird ones. The misfits. So rather than change our beliefs, and do things the boring old ways everyone else does, we banded together instead. And so, the HOO was born. Welcome aboard.

This white space is dedicated to anyone who has had to stare at a blank piece of paper with a deadline looming, thinking aaargh aaargh aaargh what am I going to do aaargh.
You could think of this not as an ending, but as a new beginning. But you would be wrong.